Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Where can I buy Meranti Cemerlang Sdn. Bhd. products?
A : Currently, our products under Aya Real Food brands are available in Atlas Gourmet, Jayagrocer Intermark, Jayagrocer Starling, Jayagrocer The Gardens Midvalley and Jayagrocer Empire Subang. Moreover, you can purchase our products and promotions via Shopee, Lazada as well as our official website. As for Singapore, we have agents over there who is in charge of our products. Ongoing, we are waiting for approval to enter more grocery stores. Alternatively, feel free to order your favorite products direct in our secure online shop.

Q : Are Meranti Cemerlang Sdn. Bhd. products Halal?
A : All Meranti Cemerlang products are certified HALAL by the Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM). In addition, our products are also HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), ISO 22000 (standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization dealing with food safety) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified by Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH).

Q : How many products does Meranti Cemerlang Sdn. Bhd. produce?
A : Currently, we have a total of 7 products which is Gillies Rendang, Kalio, Karashi Bilis, Karashi Bilis Garlic, Karashi Bilis Kombu, Shiroi Ponzu and Seafood Cookout in the retail market under Aya Realfood brand. However, our products recipe list goes into the hundreds, developed for OEMs, Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes. Furthermore, on fourth quarter this year (2020), we will launch an enzyme drink under the brand, Aya+.

Q : Did you recently change the packaging design for your Aya Realfood Ready-to-Eat products?
A : No, we did not change any design or size of Aya Realfood packaging. What we did was, we launched a smaller pack (box) of each of our products. It is more convenient for travelling as well as consume it as a one-time-meal. Besides that, we have products which are only available in smaller packs (box) which are Karashi Bilis Garlic, Karashi Bilis Kombu and Shiroi Ponzu.

Q : How are Meranti Cemerlang Sdn. Bhd. products produced?
A : Meranti Cemerlang Sdn. Bhd. uses retort process, also known as thermal processing for sterilization whereby food is first prepared (cooked) and then sealed in a retort pouch. Basically, the pouch is heated up to 200°C in a retort machine for 45 minutes. Moreover, this method has many benefits such as the food is healthier as no preservatives are needed, the products can stay at room temperature and can lasts up to 2 years of shelf life, lightweight and easy to store or carry around.

Q : Are there other ways to prepare Aya Realfood Ready-to-Eat products?
A : Yes of course! All Aya Realfood sauce and paste are not specified to only one meal preparation. You can either cook the sauce and paste using your own creativity or you can use it as your dipping sauce. Moreover, if you want to try some unique recipes, you can always go to our official website. We provide few delicious and mouthwatering recipes for our customers. So give it a try!

Q : What is the shelf life of Aya Realfood products?
A : Our products have a shelf life of Up to 2 years when stored correctly. Unopened products should be kept in a cool, dry place. Once opened, keep in freezer (for sauces) or airtight containers (Karashi Bilis).

Q : Do you use MSG (Monosodium Glutamate), preservatives or colorings in your products?
A : All Meranti Cemerlang Sdn. Bhd. products are GLUTEN FREE, NO PRESERVATIVES and NO MSG.

Q : How is it possible that your products can last for up to 2 years?
A : As we mentioned before, our factory uses retort process, also known as thermal processing for sterilization whereby food is first prepared (cooked) and then sealed in a retort pouch.

Q : Are your products suitable for Vegetarians?
A : Most of our products are suitable for vegetarians. For example, our Gillies Rendang does not contain any protein. However, we substitute the meat with mushrooms and what makes it unique is when you eat the mushrooms, the juiciness and taste is exactly the same as you eat meats! So, you could prepare the dish without any meat should you choose to do so. Please refer to the back of each pouch/box for the ingredients list.

Q : I would like to stock Meranti Cemerlang Sdn. Bhd. products in my store. How do I go about doing that?
A : Please Contact Us so that we can discuss the most convenient way for you to do so. As for our customers who are interested to do business with Meranti Cemerlang, we have variety of packages to offer, from being Dropship to Agents.

Q : Can I custom my own recipes and manufacture in your factory using my own brand?
A : Yes, you definitely can! You can either provide us your own recipe and we will run the productions, or, we can develop a recipe for you from scratch with your own requirements. Do contact us if you are interested on doing your own brand!